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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ronda's House

We went to stay with Ronda before Nanny Goats party for Tanlie's Dance, Q loves to go to Aunt Ronda's house he turns into a little cowboy. He loves to do the chores with Brandon and loves to be with Brogan, he says his BFF.Brogan and Quincy


Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009
We had a wonderful Christmas, Christmas morin was very quite it was just mom, dad and Quincy. Quincy is at a very cute age and was very excited for Santa to come. Quincy got everything that he wanted, it was very nice to just be together for the day. Quincy opening presents
Dad and Q playing a new game

The little rock star

New PJ's

Left a note for Santa

Malcolm opening presents

Christmas Eve party
We had the family over for dinner and played games it was fun to get together and have some good laughs

Dad and Malcolm playing xbox that's what the do best

Quincy and Sis made a gingerbread house didn't turn out the best but they had fun doing it